When It Ends lyrics - Wild Party

When It Ends lyrics

When It Ends

So you think the party’s gonna last forever
And you’ll always fly this high ‘ But that depends
The higher the high, the harder you’re gonna
Crash back down
When it ends

You can make a fortune doing next to nothing:
You can sit there on your ass and screw your
But you better know how to kick ‘ Kick ‘ Kick
your way
Outta the burning room
When it ends

You can sell your body to the highest bidder:
You can call it ‘love’ And cash the dividends:
You can take a million lovers
But your own
When it ends

Beauty won’t matter
And brains won’t matter
When the world falls apart
One cold and starving night
Money won’t matter
And love won’t matter
If you ain’t got the balls
For one last fight ‘

i can tell you that no party lasts forever
I been there and there and there and seen enough
So you better hope to jesus or mohammad
Or whatever
That you got the right stuff
When it ends
When it ends
When it ends

(lights reveal black asleep in bed, and
Queenie standing alone, her face
Bathed in the pre-dawn light.)

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