Out Of The Blues lyrics - Wild Party

Out Of The Blues lyrics

Out Of The Blues

Some girls have diamonds to wear
Feelings to share
Something to care about

Some girls have cash in the bank
Children to spank
Lovers who crank it out

But I'm the girl who's caught
Just staring into space
I thought I liked this man
And liked this place
But I've been feeling like
I need a change of pace.

Out of the blue
Out of the blue
I wish a bolt of lighting would hit
Out of the blue
Out of the blue
A magic lamp that's suddenly lit

How many years have passed me by?
Wishing, waiting
How many hopes have left me dry?
Just downright irritating
How many men have I been through?
That rotten bottom-feeding zoo
They keep repeating, leading me to:

Out of the blue
Out of the blue
Your choices now are growing few
Today is what you make and how you make it
The step is yours to take
But can you take it out of the blue?

I could walk away
But he'd hunt me down.

I could sit and stay
But I'd start to drown

I used to be excited
We used to be so wild
He was my perfect lover
I was his passion child
But it's all different
All our differences unreconciled
I'll push us to renew it
But tell me, what would do it?

Something grand.
Something humiliating,
Something public?


I think we're due for a party,
Don't you?
Don't you?

I do
I think we're due for a party, I do. I do
Don't you? My God,
Don't you? You're right.
Party, party, party, party Party, party, party, party

Let's invite Jackie

And Madelaine True

Oscar and Phil

You know, Sam should come too

Eddie and Mae

Maybe somebody new.

Go and get ready
There's so much to do
Burrsie, my baby,
We'll do it for you
And make it like something
That's out of the blue

Out of the blue
Out of the blue
We'll see whose bark is worse than their bite.
Out of the blue
Out of the blue
It's time to fly or time to fight
Or more to settle for a cheap attraction
Let's even up the score and leap to action
Out of the blue
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