Wild Party review

Wild Party review

Wild Party Review - Broadway musical

Thanks to a good book basis, the musical ‘The Wild Party’ has a strong plot. At the same time, there is nothing superfluous or unnatural – the characters are shown honest and unvarnished in their strengths and weaknesses. Director and music author were able accurately convey the direction of the beginning of the century, as evidenced by the awards and received reviews from critics.

The genre of the musical is suited the best for revelation of the main idea – to show the relationship of the actors in the vaudeville show format. That is why all the songs in stage numbers look quite organically and naturally. The viewer immediately immerses into the atmosphere of a wild party of 1920s and becomes a witness of how harmless regular festive evening of carefree youth can easily turn into a real tragedy.

Music makes it possible to feel the full palette of trends of the beginning of the century. Listeners will enjoy ballads and love songs, funny scenes and professional jazz compositions. A good laugh over the awkward situations of drunken heroes is guaranteed. Sensitive individuals will find what to cry about. In the end, there will be even some confusion on how deftly creators managed to cross the line between comedy and tragedy. They managed to turn the atmosphere of a mad holiday into a tragic story of a short but passionate love of creative people. Such characters are willing to live short, but bright. They do not like the drab routine. Fountain of emotions and feelings fits them most.

The music, following the scenic twists and turns, sometimes stops in the quiet sounds of ballads and sometimes falls upon the beholders with fervent tunes and dancing. Costumes and scenery are executed in the exact style of the time, looks very organic & memorable for a long time. It does not have a stunning gloss, scale and chic of ‘Chicago’, for example. But it has a seclusion, as the viewer involuntarily placed on the role of sort of a spy on everything happening in this Manhattan’s apartment.
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