Eddie & Mae lyrics - Wild Party

Eddie & Mae lyrics

Eddie & Mae

(In different corners of the room, Eddie
Mackrel, a former heavyweight champ,
is talking to the men guests and Mae,
his dyed-blonde wife, is talking to the
woman guests)

I usually go on just before the headliner and
always right after Piergo’s Trained Birds. And then
it’s ‘Ladies and Gentlemen-Eddie Mackrel. The
Champ!’ Course it ain’t nothing like the real thing.
Ain’t nothing like being in the ring.

My Eddie’s a hero just like Lindbergh. Except
Lindbergh’s white and flies a plane. My Eddie’s
colored and beats people up.

(she laughs)

So I’m there in the ring
And the crowd starts to shout
I go in for the kill
And I knock the man out
And the referee barks-
It’s the end of the bout
And that’s the first time they called me
‘The Champ’

Those were the days
I ascended on high
Taking on the Golden Boy
O’Malley oh my.
Bye-by those were the years. And I
give ‘em plenty of reasons to call me
‘The Champ’.
The Women’
Anyone I wanted anyway-
Blondes and browns and women:
and then somehow. I was. One day’

Eddie and Mae. Champ’s gotta wife.
Got settled down gotta whole diff’rent life.
Can’t take the Golden Boy
on anymore:
it’s only on stage
I’m what I was before
Eddie and Mae
Eddie and Mae
Eddie and Mae-

So he gave me the ring
In Buffalo and girls, I’m glad I left the show-
I figure. One door opening is-
You know.
Life is a dream since I married
‘The Champ’. He plays the week and Saturdays
Three a night
Plus matinees
In Detroit the theater ran out an ‘A’s.
So the marquee read:
‘The Chomp’.

And Women’
They flock around him like hungry birds.
Jealous jealous women-
cuz my future lies in three little words:
Eddie and Mae!
Talk about bliss nobody’s got
It better than this.
So what I if I gave up
my place on the line
at least I got something
I call mine all mine

Eddie and Mae-
Eddie and Mae-
Eddie and Mae-
Eddie and Mae-

Eddie and Mae-

Ain’t we a team’

Happy as clams

Life is a dream!

Everything seems
Since I became
Eddie and Mae
Eddie and Mae
Eddie and Mae! Eddie
He’s out-
Those were
the years
of my holy
king of the hill

at the top of my game
the crowd going wild
at the sound of my

I became
Eddie and Mae
Eddie and Mae
Eddie and Mae!

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