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Love Ain't Nothin'/ Welcome To Her Party lyrics

Love Ain't Nothin'/ Welcome To Her Party

So where were you’

You’re the one who brought me here,
Told me to go play.

Play yes. Not fall in love.

You’re fallin’ in love with her.

And what do you care’
As long as i look good and deliver as long as i play by your rules-

Last i checked, black you were doin’
Pretty damn good playin’ by my rules-
Spendin’ my money.

Maybe that’s no longer enough.

Huh. Well, well.]

Loverman’s in love’
Go on- be ‘in love’ ‘ ain’t it sweet’
Come morning she’ll be back
In the arms of that clown
And loverman, you ass will be
Out in the street
And then what’
Back to peddling that old mooch’
‘black likes the way that you
Look tonight:
Elegant, sleek and cool.’
It’s getting old. You’re getting old ‘
There are younger men out there now. Mister black.
I’m gonna tell you something:
Something i learned long ago: [‘too long ago’ ]
Love ain’t nothin’ but a whole lotta nothing’
And you know what it’s really about’
It’s about comfort, not love, loverman
It’s about comfort
And keepin’ hold of it, hangin’ on to it
And doin’ whatever it takes
To get more
Love ain’t nothin’ but a whole lotta nothin’
A whole lotta nothin’!

That’s you, kate. That ain’t me

Don’t you mess my party
Don’t you mess with me ‘
Don’t you mess with me!

Party’s over, queenie.

Maybe yours, burrs but not mine. My
Party’s just getting’ goin’.

I’m gonna ‘

What’ beat me with the heel of your
Shoe, till my lips turn blue’

Queenie’s feelin’ hot tonight. Yes she is.
Welcome to her party
How ya like the dress’

Welcome to her party
Baby where’s my ice’
Who here’s up for action’
Who here’s new’
Welcome to her party

(to black)
Who the hell invited you’ and blackie,
My boy, since you’re plannin’ on throwin’
A torpedo into the s.s. Queenie, i better
Warn you, don’t touch her face.

Queenie [burrs
‘got nothin’ that gets that pretty lady so riled up
Shut up burrs. As gettin’ caught with her face
Minus all that paint.’]

‘cause like the cheap whore she is,
Everything’s gots be all perfumed and
Painted so’s you don’t smell the stink
That’s justa festerin’ underneath.

The stink i got on me
Is from living with you,
Lying next to you. You
Have seeped into my skin, into my blood
And the only thing
That’ll wash me clean’
Is seeing you dead burrs
To her party
Where’s my
Queenie’s up
For dancin’
Queenies’ up
For anything

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