A Little Mmm lyrics - Wild Party

A Little Mmm lyrics

A Little Mmm

Brothers d’armano
If i’m up in harlem
Where the playboys play
And you’re out slummin’
Till the break of day
Who cares if we misbehave’
Just as long as we know to save
A little mmm a
Lotta yummy yum for each other’

So queenie, what do you think of black’


Queenie, you and i know that if any
Man who looked even half as good as
Black came knockin’ on your door, you’d
Be there with your undies at your ankles
Sayin’ ‘come on in.’

Brothers d’armano
If cook some cutie
At the cotton club
While you shoot some shank
With mister oil-and-rub
We won’t have a jealous bone;
Cuz we’ll manage when we’re alone
A little mmm a
Lotta yummy yum


Brothers d’armano

Don’t you ever get tired of each other’ [laughter]
But seriously day in day out, the
Same gestures, the same routines.

We’re happiest as a team.

How about you oscar’ long to take a
Spin on someone else’s spinnette’ gotta

I’m no jack horner
And you’re no miss muffett
Can’t sit in a corner

With oscar
We two love to rough it.
But we’ll both be back in each other’s arms
Come morn’

You friend queenie and that guy burrs,
Are they married or something’

You sound like you wanna go play.
Go on. But not matter what, we leave

Brothers d’armano
If i’m sprung and spanky
On a cocaine hum
While you’re weird and wanky
Puffing opium
Whatever our cravings need
We’ll both have (aside from weed)
A little mmm
A lotta yummy yum for
Each other!

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