People Like Us lyrics - Wild Party

People Like Us lyrics

People Like Us

(Queenie and black standing on the fire
Escape to the apartment)

This city. So many lights you can actually
Pretend one of ‘em is shining on you.

Always wanted to see the lights of broadway
I always wanted to see the traffic roar.
I always wanted to be a part
Of new york city’s great big heart
And now i am. I couldn’t ask for’
I was that girl, i’m all of them. Trapped in
A room full of shadows and not enough
Light. And soon we will fade away, into
The walls, into nothingness. The end.

People like us: we get through the day
Surviving the city way better than most.
We go through the motions
From nightcap to nightcap:
Here but not here.
With the heart of a ghost.
people like us: we meet up some night
In a room full of strangers who call themselves
It feels like a dream
But it’s too hard to tell
Where the dream begins
And the real world ends ‘
And where - where do we belong’
We might ask ourselves:
Where ‘ Where do we belong’
People like us:
Private stock.

People like us. We take lovers like pills.
Just hoping to cure what we know we can’t fix.
And we’ll lay in their arms
And we’ll say pretty things:
But we’ll still get our kicks:
And we heal awful fast and we don’t even scar:
We are here but not here
In a roomful of friends
We could join the fray
Or stay here where we are --

And where ‘ Where do we belong’

Do we need to ask ourselves
Where ‘ Where do we belong’

People like us:
Damaged goods. Where’ Black



We dance alone on a crowded floor.

We weren’t given much.

And we don’t expect much more’

- ‘More’ Is not a word we use.

‘More’ Would never be enough.

People like us: we slip through the cracks
We’ll never be famous. So who’s gonna care’
Nobody needs us
And everyone’s had us ‘
We’re here but not here:
We’ve been there but not there ‘
And where ‘ Where do we belong’
We only have ourselves.
Were ‘ Where do we belong’

People like us.

And found.


(black gently kisses her. We see the
Aftermath of the orgy. Slowly, sally,
Naked-from-the-waist up, emerges from
The sea of bodies, and for the first time
All evening, actually sees where she is)

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