Lowdown-Down lyrics - Wild Party

Lowdown-Down lyrics


(to black)

Some are born for higher things
Like hitchin’ Up to uptown kings:
I was born for iron beds and bums.
Well alrighty then
That’s the lowdown-down.
Swim with sharks in shallow pools
you get bit and them’s the rules.
I got bit and almost eaten whole.
But i liked it, yeah.
That’s the lowdown-down

Some get good at trafficking in souls.
I got good at rollin’ With the rolls.
Some get given everything they need.
Well, that’s a lucky break;
I steal what i can take and i roll.
And i plead and i duck- oh hey,
And i bleed.

Some are born to rise above
Sleepless nights and sloe-gin love-love-love;
i was born to ask: ‘why was i born’’
And the answer is:

Get me some more ice, will ya’

(she holds out her glass. He doesn’t take

Small town girl she comes to town;
Tin of rouge and strapless gown;
Does a lot before she gets to die.
But with a smile she’ll say:
‘That’s the lowdown-down’’

(as burrs looks on, black crosses to
Kiss queenie as burrs looks on)

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