Moving Uptown lyrics - Wild Party

Moving Uptown lyrics

Moving Uptown


You are looking at a woman who invented ‘The Walk’.
You know ‘The Walk.’
I invented that you are looking at a female
who has driven men to homicide
How’ Must you ask’
Look at these beautiful legs
These legs were built to drive men mad-
would you like to dance’
But first-
I hear you’re moving uptown
I’ll move with you
I hear your taking talent
Talent I do. I do
I’ve headlined with the best
I can still pack them in
You need help moving uptown!
I know the way cuz I’ve already been’

When you look around the room- look’
Tell me what do you see
Imitations of imitations
I invented myself!
I’m a creature who sacrificed love for her art
Why, you may ask
With these smoldering lips:
Do you know what it’s like to kiss
such smoldering lips’

Would you like to find out’

But first:
I hear you’re movin’ uptown
Let’s go, you lead
I’m ready for the big times
That’s what I need, I need
I need to return to the place
Where I used to belong
I hear you’re moving uptown

Well, Miss Montoya-


Dolores. It’s early in the game. Who can
tell’ Lots of details to be worked out.




Which is exactly what it feel like.
Lot’s wife. And she is Sodom and Gomorrah incarnate.

Then don’t turn around. Don’t look back.

(they look back)

I hear you’re taking me a long
I hear you’re taking me
You’re taking me, you’re taking me, you’re
Taking me

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