Like Sally lyrics - Wild Party

Like Sally lyrics

Like Sally

(Queenie and Nadine meet up with
Madeline True, stripper, and her date
Sally, who sits motionless-a functional

So, when’d you meet this one?

Two nights ago. And from the moment
our eyes met, we knew we were meant
to be together.

I need somebody with spunk.
I need somebody with the lust for danger
I need somebody who likes sex
I need somebody like me;
Like Sally.

(Sally starts to nod out)

Sally! Sally! Sally!
This woman here inspired Hemingway
And Stravinsky.
And the man who invented Vaseline.
This woman here inspires me to genius;
Tonight I’m breaking in a whole new routine:

(Madeline performs a portion of her

Art is my clothing?
Modernism is dead?
I made Alice B. Toklas-cry!
We all need someone like this:
This perfect specimen of style plus substance.
This brilliant mind who sees the world
They way I do.

You need somebody like you
I got somebody like me;
Like me like me
Like sally!

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