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Make Me Happy lyrics

Make Me Happy

BURRS (holding a gun)
Now let's see
(pointing at Queenie) We've got one
(pointing at Black) We've got two
We've got - (pointing at himself)
Ooh - three
One:too:many for me.

Who's it gonna be?

(to Black) Take one step
Go on, make one move
Show your love
You've got a chance to prove it
Knock me out
Come on, jump right in
Brother, lose o win
You're gonna make me happy.

(to Queenie) Break my heart
Go on, tell me lies
Big surprise
Look how you emphasize it
Call my bluff
Come on, make me choose
Sugar, win or lose
You're gonna make happy

In my hands your future was golden
Now it's what I hold in my palm
In my hands you made a good living
Giving me the quiet and calm

In my hands you promised forever
But I see you're dropping the ball
In my hands
You fly
Or you fall!

Burrs, you dog
Shut your hole

You don't know this girl
Play her Do tell...

And you gotta wake up early
Don't push me,
Don't push me

Drop that gun Oh, right...
Come on, take it slow
I'm growing weary
Let her go
And you're gonna make me happy. And that doesn't make me happy.

Burrs, my sweet
Queenie, mine
What a long, hot night Sweet as wine What are you doing?
Let's not fight
I want you, I need you
No need to get excited Love, love, love, love Are you crazy?
Here I come
Let me love you...
Go on, let me in Don't be stupid
Burrs, you win
You're gonna make me You're gonna make me You're here to make me
happy. happy. happy.

In my hands the future is crying
Rising high or dying in vain.
In my hands Salvation is nearing
Steering me from permanent pain
With my hands I'm asking a question
But I know the answer too well
In my hands:
Or Hell.

Who's it gonna be?
Who's it gonna be?
Who's it gonna be?
Who's it gonna be?
Who's it gonna be?

(to Queenie) He says he'll die for you
Well, now don't you wanna know?
Don't you wanna know?
Would he really die for you
Or is that just the after-dinner show?
We've got a situation
Shit or get off the pot
(to Black) So what do you say,
You wanna give her away?
Or do you wanna get

On our knees?
Stay calm
Time is running out Stay cool
You crazy fool
Scream and shout Burrs, You think she
Nobody cares about you Queenie cares about you Cares about you?!

(Burrs point the gun at Black.)
Burrsie Don't do it
Life is shot
Whether you're here or not Burrsie Don't do it
Gone to pot Burrsie Don't do it
May you rot Burrsie No, no, no, no,
Burning hot... Burrsie, Burrsie, Burrsie No, no, no, NO!



Please make me laugh
Please make me smile
Please stop this song and dance for a while.

(Burrs cocks the gun.)

Don't make me hurt
Don't make me cry

Don't make me cry

Don't make me have to do or die.

How many girls have let me down?

Easy -

How many girls would love a clown?

From now until forever you can be
The live of the party

Maybe I can be
The king of the hill?
How I want to be there, running the who
Until it's time to go
Or till it's time to
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