The Lights Of Broadway lyrics - Wild Party

The Lights Of Broadway lyrics

The Lights Of Broadway

(Jackie and Nadine sitting on the bed.
Dressed in one of Queenie’s outfits,
Nadine, under Jackie’s tutelage, has just
Done her fist line of cocaine)

I always wanted to see the lights of Broadway
I always wanted to hear the traffic roar
I always wanted to be a part
Of New York City’s great big heart
And now I am ‘ I couldn’t ask for more’!
Can I have some more’

(Jackie obliges)

I always wanted to jingle with the right crowd
I always wanted to feel like I belong.
I wanna feel like all the big girls do;
All bright and fizzed and special too ‘
There’s nothing wrong with that ‘
There’s nothing wrong ‘ there’s nothing wrong ‘
There’s nothing wrong with Poughkeepsie
That living in Manhattan couldn’t fix
I’m just a kid in Poughkeepsie
But here a kid can get her grown-up kicks

(she laughs)

I always wanted to see the lights of Broadway;
And I was told that if I looked to close
I might just go blind.
But little sister’s loose
And she wants her share of juice;
If the lights of Broadway blind me
I don’t mind -!
Gimme some more.

What did you just say’


I want some more.
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