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I could lap up all the champagne in Paris
I could slurp up all the oysters in Capri
I could eat and drink and snort and swill
And never feel I’ve had my fill ‘
(it really isn’t easy being me)
To satiate me is a chore:
Others know when to say enough’s enough
Little Jackie can only say:

I could kiss a dozen lips and lock ‘em tight
I could kiss a hundred more tomorrow night
I could kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss
And kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss
And never feel a second of delight ‘
But in the morning I’ll be sore
Others know when it’s time to call it quite:
Others know when their cups are over filled:
Others know how to say: ‘I’ll take this or that’
Or ‘Either/Or’ or ‘Neither/Nor’
Little Jackie can only say:
More dancing, more shebang
More party more variety
More motion more pizzaz
More danger, more toxicity
All I want it

don’t know what it is I want
All I want is ‘
More ‘
More ‘ More’!

(forcing himself sexually onto Nadine)

(Nadine screams. Eddie breaks into
The room and attacks Jackie as the party
Spirals out of control)

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