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Some Are Decended From Angels Lyrics > Jerry Springer: the Opera

Some Are Decended From Angels Lyrics

[JERRY (spoken)]
Welcome to the show, Irene. I sense some hostility towards your daughter.

Some are decended from angels,
Others are decended from apes,
Some are the result of romantic love,
Others the result of rapes,
Well, I wish she'd died at birth!

And I wish you'd died at birth too!

[JERRY (spoken)]
Well, at least you agree on one thing. So, Chucky, how do you fit into all this?

If she don't stop,
I'll find me another woman.

What're you gonna do?
Buy her or drug her?

Gonna find me something,
To replace her tainted,
Sagging old skin!

Good! Good! I'm tired of your little dick flesh,
It's so small I'd get more pleasure,
From fucking myself with my own clitoris!

All women are whores!
Whores or sluts or prostitutes!

You don't know shit!
You don't know shit!
He's just an,
Inbreed three-nippled cousin-fucker!

Inbreed three-nippled cousin-fucker!
Three-nippled cousin-fuck!
Inbreed three-nippled cousin-fucker!
Three-nippled cousin-fuck!
Three-nippled cousin-fuck!
Three-nippled cousin-fucker!

[JERRY (spoken)]
So, you're the innocent one, Chucky?

I ain't easy, but I'm honest.

[JERRY (spoken)]
So, no secrets then?

(aside) I like flowers more than people...
No, Jerry.

[JERRY (spoken)]
Well, that's strange, Chucky, cos we followed you around with our secret camara,
the JerryCam, and we were a little surprised by what we saw...
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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