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Rent Musical Lyrics

Rent description

Creator of this rock musical was Jonathan Larson. For the first time the production was in 1994 in the NY’s Theatre Workshop, where it was shown for 3 weeks. The histrionics had such cast: A. Rapp, T. Hoylen, D. Rubin-Vega, P. Briggs & M. Potts. The official premiere of the musical took place in the same theater at the end of January 1996. Soon after, the show moved to Broadway – to the Nederlander Theatre, where it staged from April 1996 to September 2008 with tremendous 5123 performances. Musical was created by director M. Greif & choreographer M. Yearby. The cast on Broadway involved: A. Rapp, A. Pascal, D. Rubin-Vega, T. Diggs, W. J. Heredia, J. L. Martin, I. Menzel & F. Walker.

The London premiere took place in the Shaftesbury Theatre from May 1998 to October 1999 under the direction of M. Greif. The show had such cast: K. Cummings, W. J. Heredia, A. Pascal, A. Rapp, R. J. Solomon. Revised piece in the West End was in the Prince of Wales Theatre from December 2001 to January 2002 under the direction of P. Kerryson, with such cast: A. Rickett, D. Flood, D. Kurup, M. Rand & J. Doyle.

In October 2007, the Duke of York's Theatre hosted a new version. The adaptation of the script was made by S. Anderson & W. Baker. Shows went to February 2008, directed by W. Baker and such cast: J. Wallace, S. Donaghy, L. Evans, O. Thornton & J. Webb. In 2011, it took another off-Broadway production of the theatrical. From April to May 2016, it was staged in Arizona Repertory Theatre under the direction of D. Gurwin.

In 2005, the musical was filmed and was released on the screens of 8 countries.
Release date: 1996
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

Rent Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Tune Up 1 Lyrics
  3. Voice Mail 1 Lyrics
  4. Tune Up 2 Lyrics
  5. Rent Lyrics
  6. You Okay Honey? Lyrics
  7. Tune Up 3 Lyrics
  8. One Song Glory Lyrics
  9. Light My Candle Lyrics
  10. Voice Mail 2 Lyrics
  11. Today 4 U Lyrics
  12. You'll See Lyrics
  13. Tango: Maureen Lyrics
  14. Life Support Lyrics
  15. Out Tonight Lyrics
  16. Another Day Lyrics
  17. Will I? Lyrics
  18. On The Street Lyrics
  19. Santa Fe Lyrics
  20. I'll Cover You Lyrics
  21. We're Okay Lyrics
  22. Christmas Bells Lyrics
  23. Over The Moon Lyrics
  24. La Vie Boheme Lyrics
  25. I Should Tell You Lyrics
  26. La Vie Boheme B Lyrics
  27. Act 2
  28. Seasons Of Love Lyrics
  29. Happy New Year Lyrics
  30. Voice Mail 3 Lyrics
  31. Happy New Year B Lyrics
  32. Take Me Or Leave Me Lyrics
  33. Seasons Of Love B Lyrics
  34. Without You Lyrics
  35. Voice Mail 4 Lyrics
  36. Contact Lyrics
  37. I'll Cover You (Reprise) Lyrics
  38. Halloween Lyrics
  39. Goodbye Love Lyrics
  40. What You Own Lyrics
  41. Voice Mail 5 Lyrics
  42. Finale A Lyrics
  43. Your Eyes Lyrics
  44. Finale B Lyrics

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