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Jesus Christ Superstar Musical Lyrics

Jesus Christ Superstar description

On Broadway, the show was exhibited in 1971, and before that, a recording of rock opera on vinyl was performed. Due to the immense popularity of the plate, it was decided to make a musical, which has become incredibly famous. Mark Hellinger Theatre hosted the show. The main role was played by J. Fenholt. For the first time, the show closed after 2 years & 700+ hits. Some felt the show was too protuberant, while others – graceful and consistent. Anyway, the play has attracted a lot of attention. Lloyd Webber, creator of it, for some reasons, did not like the original spectacle, which he considered of poor implementation of his ideas, despite the fact that the show was nominated on Tony five times (though didn’t win any).

In London in 1972 under the leadership of Jim Sharman, spectacle lasted 8 fantastic years! At that time, it was an absolute record for the duration of the musical in the UK, with a much notable success than on Broadway. Dmitri Shostakovich, the outstanding Belarusian-Polish composer, also attended performances, was admiring the grace and majesty of the music notes’ overflow, of brass, strings & woodwind.

Other notable stagings of this histrionics were: North America in 1971, Sweden in 1972 (for 5 days only), South Australia in 1972 for 1 day, Melbourne (during 1972-1974), Paris (1973 in Théâtre de Chaillot, for 1 month), Mexico, Peru and Singapore in 1974, US touring in 1976-1980. The revival has been made on Broadway in 1977-1978. Venezuela saw the musical in 1981, with a fantastically huge cast of 163 persons. It went to Austria for 3 years, from 1982 and it also has been in Asia and Australia. Broadway revival was in 1992, New Zealand hosted it in 1994, US small tour was in 1994. In 1996, it went to Lyceum Theatre in Great Britain, followed by tour in UK the same year. It continued trough 2002–2012 in various countries.

Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice - 2018.
Live broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar: John Legend (Jesus), Brandon Victor Dixon (Judas), Sara Bareilles (Mary Magdalene), Alice Cooper (King Herod).
Release date: 1971
Last Update:April, 03rd 2018

Jesus Christ Superstar Lyrics

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