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Les Miserables Musical Lyrics

Les Miserables description

The idea to create the musical, which is based on Victor Hugo's novel, has come to the A. Boublil, French author of songs during performance of "Oliver!" in London. He shared idea with French composer C. Schonberg, and they have developed the preliminary scenario. They analyzed a physical and emotional condition of each character and reaction of public to them. Then Schonberg has begun to write the music, and Boublil – to work on lyrics. Two years later, they made the trial two-hour recording. Schonberg sang all roles and accompanied himself on the piano.

The album with this material was written down in 1980. The following singers took part in it: M. Barrier, J. Mercier, R. Laurens, Y. Dautin, M. Roussel, R. Dewitte, F. Guyon, M. Dufour, M. Sardou, F. Bernard & others. The scenic version was made in Paris in 1980. R. Hossein was a director. For 100 performances the show was attended by more than 500 thousand people. The most part of actors remained invariable after recording of the album.

Authors of English libretto, H. Kretzmer & J. Fenton, have considerably overworked and increased the libretto. They have departed from a literal translation of the French original. Authors have added the prologue telling Jean Valjean's background. The original English version was shown five years later after French premiere. It took place in London. The show was conducted with musical management of J. Cameron, who took part in creation of orchestrations for French a concept album. Roles were played by C. Wilkinson, R. Allam, K. Caswell, P. LuPone, Z. Hart, J. O'Mahony, D. Akers, G. Brander & J. Caton.

On January 5 2010, there was 10.000’s performance. The premiere on the Broadway opened on March 12, 1987. The audience has booked tickets for the amount exceeding 4 million dollars in advance. The performance has undergone some changes. Lighting effects of a scene of Javert's suicide were improved. The show closed in 2008 and returned in 2014.
Release date: 1987
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

Les Miserables Lyrics

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