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Once In Happy Realms Of Light Lyrics > Jerry Springer: the Opera

Once In Happy Realms Of Light Lyrics

Once in happy realms of light,
I was transendental,
Golden and bright,
Mmm... bright,
But I rebelled and was cast down,
Forced to surender,
My celestial crowd,
Oh, my crown,
Then God hurled me from the sky,
Not merciful enough to let me die
Let me die!
Confounded immortal I,
Paradice lost,
And pain eternal!

Pain eternal!

[JERRY (spoken)]
You seem upset... What exactly do you want?

Want it to be just like old times,
With Baby Jesus by my side,
I want my old wings back aswell,
Wanna get out of this dump called Hell,
But first and most importantly,
I want a fucking apology!


[JERRY (spoken)]
Apology?! You instigated a coup de tat against God in Heaven!
You came down to Earth and led mankind into a whole world of
shit! And you want me to get the good guys to apologise to you?!
Are you out of your mind?! How in hell am I supposed to do that?!

Just read the cards!

[JERRY (spoken)]
This is your handwriting I suppose... (reading cards)
So let's see if I can get an apology from my next guest.
The hypocrite son of the facist tyrant of high... Jesus of Nazereth?

Jesus, Jesus, what the fuck?
Coming here, push his luck,
Make him wear a thorny crown,
Grab his pants and pull them down!

Old friend, old foe,
I missed you.

[JERRY (spoken)]
Jesus, what a beautiful moment.
Satan has something he wants to say to you. Go ahead, Satan.
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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