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Overtly-Ture Full Company Lyrics > Jerry Springer: the Opera

Overtly-Ture Full Company Lyrics


Je- (extended)

My mom used to be-
My mom used to be-
My mom-
Used to be -
My mom -
Used to be my dad!
Used to be
My dad
Used to be my dad!
Snip Snip!
Used to be dad!

I was jilted by a le-
By a lesbian
(A dyke)
By a lesbian dwarf!
She gave good head!
She gave good head!
Slurp Slurp!
She gave good head!

I used to be a lapdancing pre-operative transexual!

A chi- (extended)
A chick
A chick
A chick with a dick!
With a dick!
With a dick!
Chick with a dick!
With a dick!
With a dick!

I want to be-
Want to be-
on TV-
Please let me be-
Let me be-
on TV-
Choose me-
Please, me.

Je- (extended)
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

Jerry Springer: the Opera Lyrics

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  2. Overtly-Ture Full Company
  3. Audience Very Plainsong
  4. Ladies & Gentlemen / Have Yourselves A Good Time
  5. Bigger Than Oprah Winfrey
  6. Foursome Guests
  7. I've Been Seeing Someone Else
  8. Chick With A Dick / Talk To The Hand
  9. Adverts 1
  10. Intro To Diaper Man
  11. Diaper Man / Montel Cums Dirty
  12. This Is My Jerry Springer Moment
  13. Mama Gimmee Smack On The A**Hole
  14. I Wanna Sing Something Beautiful
  15. Adverts 2
  16. First Time I Saw Jerry
  17. Backstage Scene
  18. Poledancer
  19. I Just Wanna Dance
  20. It Has No Name
  21. Some Are Decended From Angels
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  23. Act 2
  24. Eat Excrete
  25. Gloomy Nurses / Purgatory Dawning / The Haunting
  26. Him Am the Devil / Every Last Mother Fucker Should Go Down Lyrics 
  27. Grilled & Roasted
  28. Transition Music Lyrics 
  29. Act 3
  30. Once In Happy Realms Of Light
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