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Jerry Springer: the Opera synopsis

Sounds of enthusiastic audience, bright spotlights focus attention on one single person, who represents himself as Jerry Springer and begins his show. He acquaints beholders with his first guests: Dwight, his fiancée Pichez and mistress Sandra, a friend of Pichez. Dwight admits live in his infidelity, eventually mentioning that cheats all with a transvestite named Tremont. A fight begins, the audience cheers. During a commercial break, furious trio is pulled apart. On stage is the second guest – Montel. Montel is middle-aged man. Attractive and accommodated. However, his mistress Andrea does not know that he was seeing another adult woman who admits that the same as Montel, loves to dress up in diapers and clothes for kids for making love.

Again, the atmosphere on the show is heating up, raging crowd enthusiastically shouting various insults and assistant of Jerry, Virus, insults Andrea alive, for which he was immediately fired. Finally, viewers are acquainted with the last guests of program – Chuckie and his wife Shantel. They brought a mother of Shantel along – Irene. Unwise girl admits on camera that she always wanted to be a stripper and starts to show her best dance in the air. Irene does not maintain such a disgrace and shouts directly at her daughter under the roar of the excited crowd, while Chucky furiously swears that he never had a clue about the secret desires of his wife. But Jerry leads such TV broadcasts not for nothing. He plays a record from a hidden camera, exposing the identity of Chucky: it turns out that the man leads a double life, in which he is the master of the underground strip club and a member of a secret organization Ku Klux Klan. On stage appear his sinister clan mates, and Virus, already being dismissed, decides to make a little show: he handles a gun to Montel and shoots, but misses in a total mess, getting straight into Jerry. Jerry loses consciousness, receiving injures, not compatible with life. And he finds himself in Purgatory.

The emptiness is all around, in the mind of Jerry combined not only three stories, but all that he had ever seen in the studio before. The shadows of his heroes surround man, groaning and cursing him, because he has ruined their lives. In the afterlife, Jerry meets angels and demons, God and the Devil, who are fighting for his life, using a variety of tricks and taking images of all the heroes of his latest program. Jesus in the "suit" of Montel, The Devil in the shoes of Virus, and the Almighty is Dwight. They are transported to Hell, presented by the cabinet of Jerry, where the final battle goes, in which no one wins because Jerry returns to his body. Bleeding, he opens his eyes, says the last speech, and quietly dies, leaving room in sorrow and silence.
Last Update:April, 19th 2016

Jerry Springer: the Opera Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overtly-Ture Full Company
  3. Audience Very Plainsong
  4. Ladies & Gentlemen / Have Yourselves A Good Time
  5. Bigger Than Oprah Winfrey
  6. Foursome Guests
  7. I've Been Seeing Someone Else
  8. Chick With A Dick / Talk To The Hand
  9. Adverts 1
  10. Intro To Diaper Man
  11. Diaper Man / Montel Cums Dirty
  12. This Is My Jerry Springer Moment
  13. Mama Gimmee Smack On The A**Hole
  14. I Wanna Sing Something Beautiful
  15. Adverts 2
  16. First Time I Saw Jerry
  17. Backstage Scene
  18. Poledancer
  19. I Just Wanna Dance
  20. It Has No Name
  21. Some Are Decended From Angels
  22. Jerrycam / Klan Entrance Lyrics 
  23. Act 2
  24. Eat Excrete
  25. Gloomy Nurses / Purgatory Dawning / The Haunting
  26. Him Am the Devil / Every Last Mother Fucker Should Go Down Lyrics 
  27. Grilled & Roasted
  28. Transition Music Lyrics 
  29. Act 3
  30. Once In Happy Realms Of Light
  31. Fuck You Talk Lyrics 
  32. Satan & Jesus Spat Lyrics 
  33. Adam & Eve & Mary Lyrics 
  34. Where Were You? Lyrics 
  35. Behold God Lyrics 
  36. Marriage of Heaven & Hell Lyrics 
  37. This is My Cheesey Lyrics 
  38. Jerry it is Finished Lyrics 
  39. Jerry Eleison Lyrics 
  40. Please Don't Die Lyrics 
  41. Take Care Lyrics 
  42. Martin's Richard-esque Finale de Grand Fromage
  43. Play Out Lyrics 

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