The Second Message lyrics - See What I Wanna See

The Second Message lyrics

The Second Message

The Priest: (sung)
How bold and blatant lie
Which genius has conceived.
The more far-fetched the lie,
The more that it's believed.

Tens by tens
They gather.
Suckers in the park.
Dozens by the dozens mass
As Gloryday looms
And the lie

The Priest/The Actress: (sung)
"In two weeks (In two weeks)
On Tuesday (On Tuesday)
At one P.M. sharp (At one P.M. sharp)
A miracle will occur (A miracle will occur)

Witness to the faith
You'll find salvation here;
From the depths of the pond
Christ will appear!
And be free!"

The Actress: (sung)
"Believe and be free..."
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