The Medium and the Husband's Statement lyrics - See What I Wanna See

The Medium and the Husband's Statement lyrics

The Medium and the Husband's Statement

The Janitor: (spoken)
I'm not a psychic so how do I know what she was thinking when she, when he...?
They say only the dead tell the truth, you know.

The Medium: (sung)
What would you like me to say?
It's my work
Talking with the dead.
Flat rate.
Twenty bucks.
So there I was: I'm holding a seance.
For a lawyer.
Who is desp'rate.
Wants to speak with a loved one:
His sister Alice Sue...
Alice Mae.

I was trying to contact said deceased relative when this other spirit breaks in, I almost whooped my pants.
I've heard about this happening to other mediums, psychic interruptions, but never to me.

So this spirit, he's got a story
It's a doozy,
And he tells me
No one else knows his story.
Thought I should get involved.

He came from the other side.
This man.
The husband.
And so...

The Medium/The Husband: (sung)
It's dark here...
No stars...
No where...
I remember...
My life...
My death...
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The Medium and the Husband's Statement
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