Kesa lyrics - See What I Wanna See

Kesa lyrics


Kesa: (sung)
Tonight I kiss my lover for the last time,
He comes for me at midnight
Slipping past the gate
Floating to my bed.
I'll let his hands caress me for the last time,
He knifes into my body,
Forcibly and proud,
My love is incredibly endowed,
Thinker than my husband.

And as I kiss my lover for the last time,
The room dissolves around me,
I desert my body.
All of time is gone,
Dusk is dawn,
Dawn is noon,
Late is now,
Now is soon.
This is what it's like to be God.

I watch myself outside myself,
Sleep and breathe and wake and sigh,
Laugh and kiss and fuck and lie!
My God it's hell to be God.
Watching from a distance,
I neither laugh nor cry,
As the floodgates are opened and the innocent die
A lie becomes the truth
And the truth becomes a lie...

Tonight I kiss my lover for the last time
My husband knows our secret,
I've confessed my guilt
I'll end my lovers life
And I'll return to my body
To my four cornered room
what I've set in motion
cannot be reversed
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