The Janitor's Statement lyrics - See What I Wanna See

The Janitor's Statement lyrics

The Janitor's Statement

The Janitor: (spoken)
I told ya.
I'm a janitor.

Police officer: (spoken)
A janitor?

The Janitor: (spoken)
At the the movie house.
Big Premiere. Japanese pic.
Didnt get out till five which makes it Sunday morning.
Took my usual shorcut home through the park,
I told ya.

So whatcha want me to say?
I told ya all that I know.
I told ya all that I'd seen.
I only told ya the truth.
The park.
A scarf.
A body.
The blood.

I didn't see any knife.
His knife, probably...

Police officer: (spoken)

The Janitor: (spoken)
I mean whoever did it, with the knife you keep talking about, which I didn't see.

I only told ya the truth. Last Update: February, 04th 2014

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