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Confession/Last Year lyrics

Confession/Last Year

The Priest: (spoken)
Yes, I've put on the collar again.
But no...I'm not celebrating Mass.
Not...yet, Monsignor.
Maybe, in time...?
My life, now, like...
A sentence in which every word seems to be missing a letter.

4 Voices: (sung)
Bless me Father
I have sinned
My last confession was...

The Priest: (spoken)
You've been very gracious to me, Monsignor, very patient.
I haven't been able to speak about what happened.
It's time to.

Last year,
Last year
I saw the world exploding.
I felt a weird foreboding.
Before I watched the city fall
In silver clouds
Consuming crowds
Of unsuspecting souls.

How wrong,
I thought,
That God would have no pity;
He'd let a gleaming city
Be crushed and leveled to the ground.
Around me I heard praying.
Cries of grief
And praying;
But I remember saying, "What for?"
Who is listening to us?
Who hears our prayer?
Is there such a thing as Heaven?
Is there no 'there' there?

Last year,
Last year
Before the endless grieving
I went to bed believing
That God would always be a friend;
But when the smoke fin'lly cleared,
My faith in God had disappeared.
So I let go of hope.
And that's how I could cope,
Last year.
Last year...

4 voices: (sung)
Bless me Father
I have sinned
My last confession was...

Bless me Father
Tell me why (is this some sort of punishment for my sins?)
Only the brave (the children, and the blood and the fire...)
And innocent die...(she was only nine-years-old...)

The Priest: (spoken)
Stop! I can't answer you!
There isn't any answers!
There never was an answer.

All these years
I've been living a lie,
A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie...

My Aunt Monica was right!

Aunt Monica: (sung)
Religion is tyranny!

The Priest: (spoken)
Born in Rome, she became a communist after Mussolini was deposed.
The she immigrated to America.

Aunt Monica: (sung)
Salute the worker!

The Priest: (spoken)
A terrific cook,

Aunt Monica: (sung)
Socialism or die!

The Priest: (spoken)
And a dedicated atheist.

Aunt Monica: (spoken)
You did what?

The Priest: (spoken)
I remember how unhappy she was when I announced I was entering the priesthood.
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