Central Park lyrics - See What I Wanna See

Central Park lyrics

Central Park

CPA: (sung)
I was a CPA.
White shirt.
Striped tie.
Crunching numbers.
Hiding assets.
Trying to disguise
My clients' little lies.

I was a happy man.
Nice house.
Nice life.
Nice kids.
Nice wife.
And a girlfriend.
I was king of my domain.
Formulating capitol gain:
Ten thousand
Three thousand
Divide by
Six hundred
And that's another million!

My father was a Rabbi.
And I knew about God.
I knew that God watched me day and night.

But then one day at night,
I was working in my office,
I was crunching little numbers
I was hiding little lies
And suddenly I realize that
God doesn't see me.
He doesn't see my through the concrete
Or the bad fluorescent lighting,
No, God doesn't see me.
He doesn't see me in the numbers,
In my suits
Or in my life!
He doesn't see my life!

I tried to tell people but nobody would listen.
Do you know what that is like when nobody listens?

You get angry.
At your asshole boss.
And your stupid wife
Because she can't perceive
The hell you're going through,
And then one day,
You wanna blow her face away.
You wanna blow the world away!

So I jumped in a cab
And I drove through Manhattan
And I reached Columbus Circle
And I stopped.
And I walked into the park...

Central Park.
Hidden treasures
For CPA's.
And cheating husbands
And sons of rabbis...

And I saw the message.
And I knew what I had to do.

Here I am in Central Park.
No more job or family.
No more lies.
Or suits or ties.
Made myself at home here.
Made myself at home.

And all week long
I have swapped cigarettes
For a spot on a bench,
Sleeping next to an actor Who snores.
(I love it.)

All week long
I have tanned in the rambles
And bathed in the pond;
I am perfumed
With the great outdoors!

Who invented Central Park?
I would like to thank him.
God will see
A purer me:
Gloryday unbind me.
Put my past behind me.
Shine and blaze and blind me!
Come and find me,
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