Rising Up/Finale Act 2 lyrics - See What I Wanna See

Rising Up/Finale Act 2 lyrics

Rising Up/Finale Act 2

CPA: (sung)
The sky goes grey
Then turns into blackness
Erasing day.

Aunt Monica/CPA: (sung)
A wind begins
And builds to the howl
Of a million sins.

Aunt Monica/CPA/The Reporter: (sung)
A lightning flash
Then more, and the clouds
Writhe with every slash.

Aunt Monica/CPA/The Reporter/The Actress: (sung)
A mist appears
And hangs in the air
Like a spider's tears.

A violent shake
And a churning twister
Consumes the lake.

The rain pours hard
As the cyclone grows
And the leaves are ripped off
The cracking branches.
Screams and shouts
And the flight of masses
Spinning, manic
Bursting, glowing
Glowing, glowing-!

The Priest: (sung)
Everyone flees
Without looking backwards.
Everyone flees.

But I look back
At the swirling twister
I look back.
And I see
What nobody sees
And I see
Rising up
From the depths of the pond
Rising up:


A miracle.
I saw.
Aunt Monie...
You believe me, don't you?

Aunt Monica: (spoken)
If you say so, baby. Why not?

The Priest: (sung)
Why not..?
I guess...
I think...
Why not...

A month later at Aunt Monica's funeral,
I put on the collar again...
but...I'm not celebrating Mass.
Not yet...
I created a lie that became the truth.
The lie was for everyone.
But the truth was only for myself.
So what do I do with it Monsignor?
What do I do with the truth?

I saw...
I felt...
Last year...
And now...
What now...

The Priest/Company: (sung)
The truth
The truth
The truth
The truth...
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