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Simple As This lyrics

Simple As This

The Husband: (sung)
Someone was crying
Someone in the dark.

Her stiletto...
I bought it for her
For protection.

Lily, my treasure
Lily, my Judas...

Simple to do,
Leaving the world.
Simple as this.

The Husband/The Medium: (sung)
Simple as this.
Easier done
Than to concieve;
Don't have to think.
Nothing to grieve.

Life tries to hard
To imitate art.
Death doesn't have to.
It cuts to the heart
And answers with truth:

To live, you must lie.
Honour demands
The hero must die.
Simple as this.
Simple as this.
Simple as...

The Husband: (spoken)
I should have bought her a gun instead...
Would've been quicker.
Dying took a long time.
Later, I felt someone--

The Medium: (spoken)
I felt someone...

The Husband: (spoken)
Pull the stiletto out of me...

The Medium: (spoken)
Pull the stiletto out...

The Husband: (spoken)
Someone slipped it out...

The Medium: (spoken)

The Husband: (spoken)
And all my blood flowed into the grass...

The Husband/The Medium: (sung)
It's dark here...
No stars...
No where...

The Medium: (sung)
And that was all I received.
I'm just repeating his words.
I'm just a filter, okay?
I only told you the truth.
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