Morito lyrics - See What I Wanna See

Morito lyrics


Morito: (sung)
Tonight I kiss my lover
For the last time.
I go to her at midnight;
Slipping past the gate,
Floating to her bed.
I let her hand caress me
For the last time.

I knife into her body
Forcibly and proud;
She says that I'm incredibly endowed.
(Thicker than her husband.)
And as I kiss my lover
For the last time,
The world dissolves
Around me
I desert my body
All of time is one.
Dusk is dawn;
Dawn is noon;
Late is now;
Now is soon.
This is what it's like to be God.

I watch myself outside myself:
Sleep and breathe and wake and cry,
Sweat and shit and screw and lie;
My God, it's hell to be God.

Watching form a distance,
I neither laugh nor cry.
As the floodgates are opened
And the innocent die
A lie becomes the truth
And the truth becomes a lie.
Tonight I kiss my lover
For the last time.

She'll feel my hands about her,
Tight around her throat;
I'll end my lover's life.

And I'll return to my body;
To my bones, to my skin;
What I've set in motion
Cannot be reversed
Time will begin.
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