See What I Wanna See review

See What I Wanna See Review - Broadway musical

The musical ‘See What I Wanna See’ is the work that we all see things, significant or not, even the most ordinary little things, not in the same way. Everyone filters any event through the prism of own worldview, knowledge and faith. Sometimes versions of the same event are so different that you wonder. And this theatrical is about it.

Chamber-formed, capacious, bright, but not flashy, it engages the audience from the first seconds. And finely-capacious characters of the main actors force to empathize them in each problem. The priest, who no longer feels the presence of God (just like in the motion picture ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’), who have lost faith and tries to fill the void in his own way. The actress, who has slipped into the abyss and lost both physical and emotional health, but still believes in salvation. A homeless man, once a successful accountant – the son of a rabbi, waiting for his lucky day to come. The elderly aunt – inveterate atheist who nevertheless confesses that she believes in God. All of them have own story, but they are united by one event – the tragedy of September 11 2001, after which it is difficult to live the same as before.

Jumps from medieval Japan to New York of middle of twentieth century, and after – in XXI are interesting. The beginning of both acts is a scene of intimate merger of the two people in love, each of which carries a desire to kill his or her partner at the time of the highest pleasure. Costumes, makeup, facial expressions… they seemed to have stepped on the ground from the traditional Japanese erotic prints. But the director is not in a hurry to divulge the ending. The audience remains in the nescience, who killed whom. Instead, the action moves to New York of the XXth century, where the murder of a man, whose wife had been raped, is investigated. A thief, who has committed a crime, does not try to hide the fact that it was her blood on his hands. On the contrary, he confesses that it was his only chance to receive a beautiful Lily.

The way the directors have written the vision of situation of a murder of each of the 3 characters (wife, husband and rapist), plunges into shock. Rapist imagined that the woman wanted to be in intimate relation with him, and that’s why it was necessary to get rid of her spouse. Lily was ready to commit suicide for the sake of her husband, but at the last moment changed her mind and killed him. And the husband suspected that his wife hated him and wanted another man. Each one of them was right in his or her way. As a priest who tried to fill the void in his soul where God was before, sees the God's sign, when no one else noticed it.
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