Big Money lyrics - See What I Wanna See

Big Money lyrics

Big Money

The Theif: (sung)
Big money,
Waitin' for the taken'.
Big money.
It's your lucky day.
Your money.
Up to us to grab it.
You wanna, we can cab it,
I'll lead the way.
You know you need money
To keep your baby happy.
Cold money.
To keep her in the ice.
Well there's big money.
Just hold out your mitten,
Bring along the kitten
And don't twice.

You don't know me from Adam
But we both was born of Eve.
And you can count on me, brother,
When I say you must believe
That there is...

The Husband: (sung)
Big money!

The Theif: (sung)
Shhhh, keep it to yourself, man.
Hard money
Easy to be got.

The Husband/The Theif: (sung)
Our money.

The Theif: (sung)
Chew on it and swallow.
All you do is follow,
I'll lead the way.
I'll lead the way.
Gonna eat that olive?

Ya mind if I?

Ain't America a fabulous place?
There's gold baked right into Mom's apple pie.
Ain't America a goddamn blessed place?
There's gravy pourin' out of the red, white and blue-chip

The Husband: (sung)
Big money.

The Theif: (sung)
His greedy little mind went.

The Husband: (sung)
Big money?

The Theif: (sung)
Pingy-pangy pong.

The Husband/The Theif: (sung)
Our money.

The Theif: (sung)
Let's just say supposin'
I meet you after closin'
You can't go wrong.
And if you're wantin' maybe
Why not bring along the baby,
The wife,
I'll lead the way;
I'll lead the way...
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