Curiosity/Prayer lyrics - See What I Wanna See

Curiosity/Prayer lyrics


The Reporter: (sung)
Made me look out of the window
On a bright blue crisp blue day.
Made me stare into the fire
That was coming right my way.
Made me wonder what would happen
If I choose to watch and stay.

But instinct made me run,
Leaving friends and everyone
To the fire
Coming our way-
You're looking for answers.
So am I.
That's what people do.
The instinct to wonder is human.
The instinct to survive is, too.

Almost ended my existence
On a bright blue, crisp blue day;
But now I burn
With the need to learn
The reasons humans pray...

The Actress/CPA/The Reporter: (sung)
Please forgive us, Father
Please forgive our sin.
Help us fix what's broken from within.

Make us want for heaven.
Lead us to belief.
Let there be a blessing
For our grief.

The Priest: (spoken)
[over the prayer]
It's impossible not to admire my handicraft:
this enormous work of fiction I've created.
And I don't feel guilt.
Absolutely no guilt.
I don't feel...
I don't feel anything.
It's as though I am outside of my body and I see myself eating and breathing and sleeping...
And there is no sense of time.
This is what it's like to be God, I realize.
I only watch and I only listen.

The Actress/CPA/The Reporter: (sung)
Fallen angels, all of us,
With wings unfit to fly.
You can heal us, Father.
Make us fit to fly.
If not that,
At least give back
Our reason
To try...

The Priest: (sung)
The lie...
The lie becomes the truth.
The truth, the truth...
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