Louie lyrics - See What I Wanna See

Louie lyrics


The Wife: (sung)
Remember where you found me?
Working as a hatcheck.
Slumming with a gambler.

Remember how you saved me?
You bought me yellow roses.
I remember crying;
How much did they cost?
Louie, my savior.
Louie, my hero.
Where are you know?
Louie, my angel.
Louie, my husband.

Didn't I vow
To love and obey?
Tell me what to do,
I'll do as you say...

I would die with you.
How easily I would.
Together we found
In this sorrowful city
A garden of good.
Together. Together, Together-
Nothing to be scared of,
Not if we're together.
Remember what you told me?
We go on forever
Hundred billion lifetimes.
This is only one.

Louie, my savior.
Louie, my hero.
Look at us now.
Louie, I'm ready.
Louie, my husband.
We are no more.
Both of us through.
Louie, guide my hand.
I will honor you.
I will honor you
I will honor you
I will honor you
I will honor you---
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