The Park lyrics - See What I Wanna See

The Park lyrics

The Park

The Theif: (spoken)
She didn't wanna come along,
But in his condition,
She didn't want to leave him alone.
It was too perfect.

Central Park.
Hidden treasures
For greedy fishes.
The baby didn't like it.
The baby didn't trust me.
Made me than horny...

I told her to wait in the clearing;
Her husband and me'd be right back.

No stars.
The jungle's black...

Then I led him down into the bushes.

Down into the boathouse.
Right asides the pond.
Over by the statue
Coupla steps beyond...

Then I cracked him on the head.
And with an electrical cord I keep with me for special occasions,
I tied him up.
Then I went back to the wifey.
Told her there'd been an accident,
she was needed--

The Wife: (spoken)

The Theif: (sung)
Baby's gonna dance tonight!

The Wife: (spoken)

The Theif: (sung)
Baby's gonna get it for free-

The Wife: (spoken)
Get off of me you son of a...
Get off!

The Theif: (sung)
Baby's gonna rock and roll and do the do--
You wanna know how good she was?
You wanna know how good I was?

Well whadda you think?

Eyes like a demon.

You wanted this.
Yes you did.

The Wife: (spoken)
Louie? Louie!

The Theif: (spoken)
Tell the truth.

I see what I wanna see
I know what I wanna know
I don't need you
To tell me what's true
If you don't like it, baby,
You, you...
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