The Greatest Practical Joke lyrics - See What I Wanna See

The Greatest Practical Joke lyrics

The Greatest Practical Joke

Aunt Monica: (sung)
The greatest practical joke
Played on the common folk
Is God.

You want some manicotti?

The worst political prank
Pulled by the file and rank
Is Christ-Mohammed-Buddha-Vishnu
Joseph Smith and all his angels-
To keep the poor in check.
The business offers daily masses
And threatens hell and heck.

Look at the world.
You think there's a God?
There isn't a God.
Not when you got all
These criminal types
Like Henry Kissinger
Sneaking around
And peddling nukes.

Look at the world.
If there's a God,
You'd think he'd do something to stop
All the war and the crime
And the graft
And he'd punish those sonovabitches
Who write all those stupid new TV shows.
Look at the world.
There can't be a God.
Not when you got
Those crazy nuns
Like Mother Theresa
Who don't give those Indians rubbers
And so they have
Babies and babies
And ev'ryone's crowded
And hungry and starving
Of course,
If Indian food was all I had to eat...
I wouldn't eat.

There's lotsa blood you can spill;
You've got the right to kill for God.

Eat up, there's more lasagna.

You'll earn your saintly reward
Aiming your missiles toward
The heathen who do not believe in
All the crap that you believe in
You were always a gullible dope.
You keep playing dumb
And baby you'll be the Pope.
So mange! Feast, before you fall
For the greatest practical joke
Of all!

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