The Bus lyrics - Caroline, or Change

The Bus lyrics

The Bus

The earth,
the earth has bled!
Woe-singing wind down the neighborhood.
He is gone now! Gone for good!
gone for good!
Deluge flood ice water rise.
Tear your hair your clothes
your eyes.
Sisters, shed
tears of blood.
The earth has bled!
Now come the flood.
Apologies for being late,
making everybody wait.
Tonight the moon illuminate
more than just
a city bus;
I am the Orphan Ship of State!
Drifting! Driverless!
Moving slow
neath my awful freight of woe.
The earth,
the earth has bled.
The President
The President is..
Oh blight November winter light
the President is dead.

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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