Sunday Morning lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Sunday Morning lyrics

Sunday Morning

Mornin? Caroline.

Morning Dot.

How you doin, girl? Doin alright?

I can?t visit now, it?s gettin late.

Mrs. Gellman call,
looking for you.
You ought to call her, say you quit.

I ain?t said I quit.

Ain?t been to work there
for five days, honey;
that sure sound like quit to me.

Oh I got to go to Church, Dot.
I need to pray.
Said and done some things this week I?m sad about,
and I need to pray.

Caroline, Emmie is young, she don?t know about you,
about what you?d do if you?d a mind to.
Change yourself, Caroline,
learn something new!
Show her your fire, show her your grit,
show her your new face?

And what? And do what?

Call the Gellman?s and quit.

And then my three childrens can beg for they feed.
Dot, I need?
Dot. It too late.

I never see you so sad.
We known each other all these years.
Caroline, my heart bleed for you,
but folk can?t just surrender to their fears.
I know it hurt to change.
It actually hurts, learning something new,
and when you full-grown, it?s harder, that?s true?
it feel like you got to break yourself apart,
it feel like you got to break your own heart,
folk do it. They do.
Every day, all the time,
alone, afraid, folks like you.
You got to let go of where you been.
You got to move one from the place you?re in.
Don?t drown in that basement. Change or sink.
Let go, forget, move on.
This ain?t time for prayin. You got to think.

I?m going to Church now,
and I?m going to pray.
And from now one, only God hear what I have to say.
Cause only God can hear what my heart mean to state.
When I talk to people, all that comes out is hate.
Cause I hate. That all.
I hate.
I know what I?m doin, Dot.
I need nothing from you.
I want you to go.
Out my yard.
We through.

I heard that?
Take care.
I?ll get out of your hair.
You go on and pray.
Tell God Dotty say hey.
Tell Him I?m doin perfectly fine.
Sure is a pleasant mornin. Mornin,

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