Mr. Gellman's Shirt lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Mr. Gellman's Shirt lyrics

Mr. Gellman's Shirt

Caroline, look at Mr. Gellman?s shirt!
He must?ve left a quarter
in the front breast pocket.
You must?ve iron over it!
Look! It?s the head
of the Father of our country!
Mr. George Washington,
seared into the fabric
like the face of Jesus
on the Shroud of Turin!
So I guess Mr. Gellman has to learn the rule:
he loses any change he leaves
and you can keep it,
just like Noah?s, you can keep it,
just like Noah?s?

I don?t want it!
I ain?t some ragpick.
Ain?t some jackdaw.

Of course you?re not a?

I don?t want your husband?s money!

Oh, it?s not your fault about the quarter!

I got a load of laundry left
so excuse me, Mrs. Gellman,.
From now one I?ll check every pocket,
put the money in the bleach cup,
his and Noah?s, yours as well.

Oh I never leave my money in my pockets,
my father would?ve ?whupped? me, smacked me, he?

If I find money now
I put it in the bleach cup
and you people do
whatever you want with it.
Take the damn money
Mrs. Gellman.
Stop bothering me with it.
You need anything else?
You need anything anything anything else?

Now wait a second?

I got to iron now,
iron now, iron now,
it cramp in here and there?s not air
so please get out
so my arm can swing
with this hot iron
and not hit nobody.

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