Epilogue lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Epilogue lyrics


Mornin, morning in the air,
silver sparkle on the green.
World awaken to prepare
for the consequence unforeseen?

Just one last thing left unsaid:
Who was there when that statue fell?
Who knows where they put his head?
That ole copper nightmare man?
Who can say what happened that night at the courthouse?
I can.

I was there that night; I saw,
I watched it topple like a tree.
We were scared to death to break the law!
Scared we?d fail, scared of jail.
But still we stayed?

And I said
statue, statue,
you are through!
Statue answer: well who are you?
I said: Evil, you got to go!
Evil answer: who says so?
I say
Emmie Thibodeaux!

I?m the daughter of a maid,
in her uniform, crisp and clean!
Nothing can ever make me afraid!
you can?t hold on, you nightmare men,
your time is past now one your way
get gone and never come again!
For change come fast and change come slow,
everything changes!
And you got to go!
Shout, shout, Devil on out!

Mama sleepin, she work all day,
Don?t wake mama, let her sleep.
Let her dreamt ill the morning come.
She been workin hard?

I?m the daughter of a maid.
She stands alone where the harsh winds blow:
Salting the earth so nothing grow
too close; but still her strong blood flow?
Underground through hidden veins,
down from storm clouds when it rains,
down the pains, down the high plateaus,
down to the Gulf of Mexico.
Down to Larry and Emmie and Jackie and Joe.
The children of Caroline Thibodeaux.

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