Moon Trio lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Moon Trio lyrics

Moon Trio

I?m wearing white hose,
my knees ain?t on display,
I ears a white dress,
they like they maids that way,
Don?t want ?em dressed for play.
I put all that away,
that?s all I got to say.
You wait forever
Fore that damn bus come.
My kids should be in bed.
I?m waitin? here instead.

Once you was quick,
and once you was bright;
now it seem you come to some confusion,
you losin courage, you losin light,
lost your old shine,
lost Caroline.

MOON (with Caroline & Dotty below)
Moon change, moon change,
glowing bright, light up the night,
make your dress of spotless white
turn to purple, turn to gleam,
cool and dry,
free and high,
miles free from basement steam.
Change come fast and change come slow
but change come, Caroline Thibodeaux.

Moon gone change and change
again fore that damn bus take me home?

And everyone changing their tune?

C?mon I got to get home.
?like the frogs, and the world, and the moon?

It been a rough day
I put all that away.

?and the sky go from cloudy to clear.
Times change, Caroline, even here.

Nothing ever changes underground in Louisiana.

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