Santa Comin' Caroline lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Santa Comin' Caroline lyrics

Santa Comin' Caroline

Santa comin? Caroline!
Hark the Herald Joy Divine!
Jingle bells driftin through the pine!
Way down South it don?t snow
so you know
it?s a Sign!

Loose change in the laundry
ring like Santa?s sleigh!
Should you leave ?em in the bleach cup?
(Leave ?em?)
Should you take them jinglin coins away?

Season?s greetings Caroline!
Take the change! Why you disincline?
Does it taste like a bitter wine?
Mistletoe hangin low?
Go on,
bend your spine!

Ain?t right to take his pennies.
They ain?t Santa?s sleigh.
Yeah but Christmas is expensive
(yes, it is!)
You got gifts to buy and bills to pay.

So Noel, baby, auld lang syne!
You been good, baby, toe-d the line.
Now go on, berry?s on the vine!
money bring

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