Dotty And Emmie lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Dotty And Emmie lyrics

Dotty And Emmie

What I tell you?
That courthouse statue,
Confederate soldier?
You see the TV News last night?

We ain?t got a TV.

Found the headless body
in Choo Choo Bayou,
wrapt in a flag, in the muddy Stars and Bars.

Anybody said
what happened to the head?

Can?t find the head. They?s agitated,
?Johnny Reb?s decapitated!?
Dredged the bayou, lakefront too,
trawlers, spotlights, minesweepers?


Oh uh huh. The whole shebang.
Bloodhounds bayin,
makin noise?
They say it was ?hoodlums? done it.
They mean colored boys.

But they ain?t said who?

Nope. Not a clue.
Tell you what: whoever did it?
Good for them!
I hope they burnt it
in a trash incinerator,
fed it to an alligator.
ugly thing. Ugly thing!
The South?s Defender.
Hey! Cracker Joe,
Lee surrendered!
The thing is over, baby! Dead!
Don?t cry!
And kiss that huge ugly head

Yeah. Let it be, for goodness sakes.
Heads go missin. Them?s the breaks.
Stakes ain?t high?

My eye they ain?t.
They?ll keep lookin.
Some of them is vexed as snakes
and trouble comin.

And someone gone and killed that man
that crazy man who killed the President,
right on TV! Saw that picture
in the paper,
shot by a bullet,
look like it hurt.
We ain?t got a TV set, not yet.
We only got a radio.

OK, go!
Time to bring them pancakes out!
They dips them in the applesauce.
Take the tray out, don?t be spillin.
Carve the goose and let?s be trekkin.
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