Inside/Outside lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Inside/Outside lyrics


Stronger than you!

Inside, outside,
this ole world change with the tide.
Outside tears and disarray!
Inside children disobey.
Change come slow, come right away!

From now on,
Noah darling,
a new rule:
take your money out of your pockets
before you put your pants in the hamper
or else
Caroline can keep any change that she finds.
Caroline can keep any change that she finds.
You?ve got to get it,
you?ve got to learn.
Money?s important,
a cause for concern.
No matter how much money gets left in
from now on it belongs to Caroline.
It?s hers. I?m going to tell her.
It?s hers.
You got it?

It?s hers.

That?s great!
In time you?ll appreciate
how I taught you how to care:
and really, darling, I think it?s fair.
It?s not what you?re used to, but
things change.
Things change.
There?s the door!

Things change.

Moon change.

I wonder who?d be visiting so close to dinner?

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