Duets: Noah Go To Sleep lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Duets: Noah Go To Sleep lyrics

Duets: Noah Go To Sleep

Noah, go to sleep,
stop botherin the night.
All day I mind you, wash your things,
and it ain?t right
in the nighttime, my own time,
I still think about you ?
I gots to think about rent overdue
cause last week twice
I bought ground chuck
and for once I didn?t stuff it
full of two-day old bread;
I fed my kids meat
?stead of meat-flavored bread,
twice in one week.
Now rent overdue,
and Jackie got bad teeth, need the dentist,
spectacles too, and everyone need clothes,
they growing up rough;
and Larry need a package with cookies and stuff,
and Emmie want a TV, she want everything,
and Joe want candy, want a rat-fink ring.
And I want the night to stay
nighttime forever
so I can sit smoking here, so I never
have to get up, go to work, be polite.
Go on to bed, Noah.
Stop botherin the night.

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