Noah And Rose lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Noah And Rose lyrics

Noah And Rose

Why do you leave
change in your pockets?
Especially when I have asked you not to?

I forget.

You?ve got to remember!
Look! In the bleach cup,
it?s more than a dollar!
Think of the things you can buy
for a dollar.
Think of what Caroline thinks,
working all day in this horrible basement.

Caroline likes it, the basement, it?s hers?

Working for peanuts
and?likes it?
I doubt that!
Don?t be a baby!
She?s poor!

She is not!

Oh Noah, of course she is.
She?s poor, it?s embarrassing
to have her find money
just left in the laundry:
think of the things she could do with these quarters,
these nickels and pennies?

Caroline is king
and Caroline is queen
and Caroline is stronger than my dad;
it isn?t true,
she doesn?t hate it,
she?s a lot stronger

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