Duets: No One Waitin' lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Duets: No One Waitin' lyrics

Duets: No One Waitin'

No one waitin to warm the dark,
no one hopin that I?ll wear red,
no one wantin to spark my spark,
no one needin needin to share my bed.

Don?t break promises, Emmie,
do like you say you do.
Don?t give yourself options.
Most folks lives without em.
Most folks does without.

Lost track of time, mama,
sorry, Aunt Claudia
say she?d mind the children,
say she don?t mind minding them.
Sorry mama, I was out;
being shiftless, having fun.

RADIO (under CAROLINE/EMMIE dialogue)
Nobody?s arm to cradle my head,
to talk about news, talk about views,
talk about change,
bout the President dead,
bout how the day went,
or how time flown,
or life been spent,
or I?m all alone?

What kind of fun?

You remember fun, mama;
out at the parking lot,
longside the A&W,
buncha us talking,
dancing to the radio.

The President?s dead.

I know, the radio
play music anyway!
Just some old white man
sent Larry off to Vietnam.
Sorry he dead.
I ain?t killed him.

I?m too tired to fight.
You don?t do me right.
I can?t do with no daughters
shiftless as you.

Just some old white man
don?t care about the black man?

Emmie Thibodeeaux! Since when you say ?black man??
You say colored or negro like you was raised up to.

Say he do stuff for us,
get our vote, he just ignore us,
same old story, mama, same tired old lie.
If you got to do it mama go ahead and cry.
I ain?t got no tears to shed
for no dead white guy.

Free, free, lonesome and free!
No one pacin the floor for me.
Flower don?t need no honey bee.
If free mean misery, that?s what I be.
Ain?t nobody?s baby,
ain?t property,
got nothing I own
cept being alone
free and lonely?

Go on an get yourself to bed, girl,
whoever put a mouth like that on you?
I know I didn?t do it, and God didn?t do it,
and somedays I don?t know what I?m
gonna do?

How your knees today?

They fine, go on asleep.
Don?t wake up the baby,
say prayers for us all,
give your mama a kiss,
pologize to God for being such an unholy priss,
and a caution and a sass
fore your mama whups your?

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