Long Distance lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Long Distance lyrics

Long Distance

Hello pa!
It?s long distance, it?s your brand new southern daughter,
it?s Rose!
Oh everything?s fine here,
I suppose.
How?s the Hudson River?
I?m fine, just fine, I?m learning the lingo:
magnolia, camellia, azalea, ya?ll.
The temple?get this?has Sunday night bingo?
just like the goyim.
A long distance call!
So much to tell. The boy still hates me.
(I really shouldn?t be talking so loud).
He leaves money in his pockets,
and that really grates me,
I tell him and tell him it?s not allowed,
just shucking your laundry?
you hear that? ?Shuck!?
I?m a southerner already?on to the floor;
take the money out first,
God know we?re not poor,
but show respect for your father.
He worked hard for that buck?
well, no, not a whole buck, he?s a boy,
but loose change. Quarters. Those add up.
The negro maid, she?s making bupkes,
how does that look, leaving change in his pockets?
Indifferent to money,
the kid?s a little funny,
spoiled and quiet ? sad, I guess.
I?m on a diet. I bought a new dress.
Stu?s giving lessons, playing, doing fine:
the work is steady.
he still misses Betty.
I don?t mind.
I miss her too.
She was my best friend.
I miss the city.
I miss the old crowd. What?
Because we haven?t got?
We can?t give her a raise!
We aren?t rich, we?re just plain folk,
we?ve only got bupkes ourselves?
we?re broke.
Typical, you obsess about the maid
while your daughter?s miserable.
No, not miserable I never said?
Well, it?s not what I meant.
I?m just not?
Just not?
A hundred percent.
It?s very hot, and very damp,
and out in the back yard there?s a little swamp.
Full of noisy frogs. Last night I cried.
I miss you, pa.
I miss the Upper West Side.

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