Rose Recovers lyrics - Caroline, or Change

Rose Recovers lyrics

Rose Recovers

Caroline, I?
I wanted to tell you
my father is coming
for Chanukah soon.
So let?s make up the guest room
when you get a second,
and also next Sunday
could you ask Dot and Emmie
to help with a party
from seven to ten?

I have to ask Dotty.

I?m just trying to help you,
you know, with the money.
It was only a game.
So sue me already,
Miss Crabby Appleton.
I don?t know what?s eating you.
Some people, honestly!
There?s oppression and misery,
and then there are people
who?re just plain nasty.
Just trying to be friendly.
Just trying to be a friend.

Anyway, the shirt?s still good.
Look! Where the quarter was!
You can almost read the little writing!
?Liberty! In God We Trust!?
You must?ve been ironing might hard,
that?s why the clothes come out so crips.
General George Washington
would approve of you.
How?re those kids?
Those kids of yours?

Excuse me, Mrs. Gellman,
I got to put the laundry in the dryer.

Some folks goes to school at nights.

The shirt?s still good, just a little burnt.

Some folks march for civil rights.

Take it, or use it for cleaning or something.

Some folks prosper, then they?s those?
?pickin coins
from dirty clothes.

See you upstairs?

something else
on your mind ?sides
jingle bells.
You the queen of keep-at-bay
what-was-once or might-have-been.
Little change, and strange to say, yesterday come crashin in.

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