Up in the Pyrenees lyrics - Aspects of Love

Up in the Pyrenees lyrics

Up in the Pyrenees

Do you remember the first time you fell in love?
Did it make you happy or sad?
Did you waste away and lie awake all night?

Yes, I remember...
I cannot forget...
It's haunted my life since then...

"Pas de tendresse
Et pas de joie,
Loin d'ici,
Loin de toi.

Rien de plus triste
Que mes soupirs,
Lorsque vient le jour
O? il me faut partir..."

How do you know that?

Mummy used to sing it to me.
That was her love song.
Her very first love song...

Love changes everything:
How you feel and
What you do...

What would you say to me,
If I told you
I loved you...?

ALEX (with difficulty)
Then I'd have to say to you:
You are bright and sweet and foolish...
Yes, love,
Love changes everything,
But not always
For the best --
Love can sometimes
Be a most
Unwelcome guest...

You don't believe that.
You know you're fooling yourself.
Why not be honest?

Be honest...
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