First Orchestral Interlude lyrics - Aspects of Love

First Orchestral Interlude lyrics

First Orchestral Interlude

ALEX (moving close to her)
So change my life for me again...

Here we go again!
Heaven knows when she'll be back --
That girl has got a knack
Of keeping you guessing!

ELIZABETH (entering, flustered)
Madame will soon be here,
But she says you are to leave:
Your uncle is coming,
You'd better get going...

So why all the panic?
Why shouldn't I be here?

She's scared that his heart
Couldn't stand all this drama...

Well, it's hardly a shock
If my uncle sees me here...

That girl is unbelievable!
Was last night the sort of thing
She could just forget?
It would be hard to find
A more capricious mind...

What are you doing here?

All right, where have you been?

Will you please disappear?

What the hell do you mean?

ROSE (turns away)
Leave me, leave me!
I don't want George exposed
To some unpleasant scene.

ALEX (getting out his gun)
If I can't have you, no one will.
Killing you would be a pleasure.

So all you're fit for is to kill?
Go on and pull the trigger,
See if I care!
Come on, soldier!
Be a hero!

You never loved me?

Does it matter?
You never meant it?
Who remembers?
And now you hate me...
Go away, you little
My only genuine Matisse!
Thank God...
No damage done...
Would someone kindly tell me
What on earth has happened?
He lost his head,
The gun went off,
She's bleeding badly,
Use your scarf --
Here, let me help...

You'd better phone the doctor.
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